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Tired of feeling like you are getting the runaround from other dealerships here in Dover? Then it is time to bring your business over to the team of automotive experts here at Bill Dube Toyota. From the warm and inviting atmosphere to the hassle-free shopping experience, there is no denying one simple fact: Purchasing a new or used Toyota has never been easier.

Of course, being met with a friendly smile and avoiding the pushy sales pitches of other dealers is not the only reason why we stand above the competition; Bill Dube Toyota also makes it a point to offer up only the best prices to our friends and family here in Dover. To prove this point and ensure that you never pay a penny more than you have to at some other dealership, feel free to give us a call today at (603) 749-5500 or drop in the next time you are nearby.

Bringing to Light the Benefits of Owning a New Toyota

Owning a new Toyota is not just about driving around town in one of the best-looking cars, trucks, or sport utility vehicles (SUVs) on the road; choosing this path is also a way to show that you value consistency, performance, and reliability, as well. A quick look at some of the latest Toyota models to rest their wheels on our showroom floor drives this statement home in a major way.

Red 4 door toyota camry for sale

Toyota Camry

Toyota's stunning new Camry, complete with striking hood lines and sport mesh front grille, is not just an aggressive and eye-catching addition to the brand's trendsetting line of new vehicles. In fact, once you break your gaze away from the aesthetic side of this offering, you will soon see that the creature comforts held within – including wireless charging for mobile devices and access to the Entune app system – are more than capable of standing up and grabbing the attention of intrigued shoppers on their own.

Toyota Prius for sale here at Bill Dube Toyota

Toyota Prius

The eco-friendly and environmentally conscious Toyota Prius has one goal in mind – to be the most flexible and high-performing hybrid on the market. Fortunately, by offering up tech-savvy inclusions like the Multi-Information Display (MID) center console screen and intelligent parking assistance system alongside the new double-wishbone suspension setup and other upgrades to the vehicle's mechanical side, it is safe to say that this goal has not just been met, it has been left in the dust for quite some time now.

blue toyota corolla

Toyota Corolla

Owning a Toyota Corolla is all about finding the perfect blend of efficiency and performance. Of course, by providing satisfied owners with access to a wide array of premium inclusions – including voice recognition technology, backup camera functionality, and the Entune App Suite – and a hefty dose of award-winning safety features to go along with its up to 42 miles per gallon (mpg) fuel efficiency, it is safe to say that the Corolla has easily lived up to its substantial billing as the undisputed leader in the compact car class.

grey rav4

Toyota RAV4

Looking for a vehicle that can keep up with you on both your daily commute and next great outdoor adventure? Then it is time to look into what the Toyota RAV4 has to offer. Whether you end up behind the wheel of a RAV4 LE or enjoy the eco-friendly style of the new hybrid edition of this SUV, one thing is for sure: The ample selection of premium features (including a height-adjustable power liftgate and Blind Spot Monitor technology) are sure to keep you happy, safe, and having fun as you continue to blaze new trails.

After running through this quick glance at a few of our favorite offerings found within the latest Toyota line of vehicles, the message we are trying to impart should be coming in pretty clear by now: If you want a healthy dose of quality and performance in your new car shopping experience, then the only vehicles worth looking at in Dover are the ones with Toyota's trademark overlapping ellipses on the front grille.

Offering Up Only the Best Protection for Your New Toyota

Here at Bill Dube Toyota, we understand the relationship between new vehicle owner and the dealership in question is not one that should end as soon as you sign on the dotted line and walk out the front door. To prove to you that we mean what we say on this front, take a moment to look at the substantial warranty and protection program provided to all new Toyota owners in Dover:

  • Guaranteed Federal and California-based emissions regulation support.
  • 36-month/36,000-mile basic coverage on all components. (excludes normal wear and tear)
  • 60-month/60,000-mile powertrain warranty.
  • 60-month/unlimited mileage rust-through and corrosion protection.

As impressive as this warranty suite might seem on its own in terms of ensuring that your vehicle stays in prime condition, Toyota understands that keeping up with routine maintenance is also a major piece of the puzzle when it comes to guaranteeing your safety and satisfaction. With this in mind, now is a great time to talk about the ToyotaCare program that comes with all new and leased Toyota vehicles.

In particular, the ToyotaCare program covers the following maintenance over regularly scheduled intervals during the first two years or 25,000 miles of your ownership:

  • Engine oil and filter change.
  • Tire rotation.
  • Multi-point vehicle inspection.
  • Fluid level inspection and adjustment.

Additionally, if you find yourself in need of some roadside help during this timeframe, you are only ever one call away from receiving professional ToyotaCare assistance that includes:

  • Battery jump start.
  • Lockout protection.
  • Emergency fuel delivery and fill-ups.
  • Roadside tire repair, inflation, and replacement (if necessary).
  • Vehicle towing and winching.

Family getting out of their Toyota RAv4 Offering up this kind of coverage and assistance is far from easy, which is why so many other manufacturers are more than willing to skimp and cut corners with their warranty and assistance selections. However, now that we have broken down each aspect of Toyota's award-winning warranty program and the stellar ToyotaCare maintenance plan, you can rest easy knowing that this automaker resides firmly on the opposite end of this customer support spectrum.

Bringing Quality Back to the Used Automotive Marketplace

Buying a pre-owned vehicle should not be a juggling act that revolves around trying to find the right blend of affordability, reliability, and performance. In fact, the team here at Bill Dube Toyota thinks that each and every customer who walks through our front door deserves all of these attributes when searching for the right used vehicle.

Not quite sure about this bold statement? Then look no further than the warranty program that backs our impressive stock of Certified Pre-Owned Toyota cars, trucks, and SUVs. If you end up driving home in one of these quality offerings, Toyota guarantees your satisfaction by offering up the following assistance and safeguards:

  • 12-month/12,000-mile limited comprehensive warranty.
  • 160-point quality assurance inspection.
  • Access to a Carfax vehicle history report.
  • Seven-year/100,000-mile limited powertrain warranty.
  • Opportunity to finance at new car rates for qualified customers.
  • One year of roadside assistance.

As you can see, offering up this kind of protection is a testament to the quality of these Certified Pre-Owned vehicles. However, even if you choose to purchase a used vehicle from a different manufacturer, you can take the road with confidence knowing that only the finest and most reliable selections make it through our strict inspection and repair process and end up listed for sale.

Everything You Need to Know About Making a Smart Used Car Purchase

Are you worried that you are not in control when it comes time to shop for a pre-owned vehicle that fits into your daily drive? If so, then now is the time to dig into our powerful selection of guidelines and suggestions for making this process easier. Once you have sifted through these tips and tricks, you will have all the insight you need to seize control of this major life event and make a choice that truly suits your needs.

  • Figure out Your Financial Considerations as Soon as Possible – Is sitting down with a family member or other trusted confidant and hashing out the details of your finances an easy conversation to broach? Often the answer to this question is a resounding, "No!" However, working through your unique situation ahead of time can ensure that you keep your search for the right pre-owned vehicle streamlined and efficient.
  • Maintain an Open Mind with Your Payment Options – In keeping with this theme, it is also a good idea to consider all of the payment options laid out before you once you make a choice on this front. Going the other way and embracing the first purchase agreement presented to you is a deceptively easy way to miss out a more beneficial repayment structure.
  • Our Website Can Be Your Best Friend – Most of the people who come through the front doors here at Bill Dube Toyota simply do not have time to sort through each and every vehicle listed for sale in person. Fortunately, by utilizing our expansive online inventory, you can make a list of the cars that pique your interest, expedite the shopping process, and get back to your busy daily schedule.
  • Try Not to Take Our Word for It – Like most other dealerships out there, it is only natural for us to want to speak highly of our expert staff of Toyota experts. However, you do not have to just take our word for it. Go ahead and connect with our other satisfied customers here in Dover via social media and customer testimonials and it will not take much time to see that the competition simply cannot compare when it comes to affordability, quality, and a friendly shopping environment.
  • Say Goodbye to Shady Dealer Tactics – Clever sales pitches and obtuse language should never be a part of the purchasing process. Bill Dube Toyota understands this, which is why we implore you to skip over the shady tactics leveraged by other dealers and come enjoy our honest, transparent, and straightforward car buying experience.
  • Questions Are Your Most Powerful Asset – The last tip we would like to offer up to you, always asking questions, is a powerful way to keep you in control when the time comes to start vetting potential vehicle matches. If a dealership tries to sidestep or dodge these inquiries, then that is a sure sign you are better off taking your business to a more reputable team of automotive experts – like the one found here at Bill Dube Toyota.

There is no denying that absorbing all of this information does require some effort on your end of the equation. With that being said, arming yourself with these suggestions is the absolute best way to guarantee that you never have to experience the frustration and anxiety that follow behind an unsure pre-owned automotive purchase.

Toyota's 80 Years (and counting) of Unparalleled Excellence

Back in 1933, the Toyota Motor Company that we know today looked a lot different. At that point in time, the brand was just a fledgling member of the automotive industry and operating under the Toyoda banner. However, it would not be long before the brainchild of Kiichiro Toyoda took this marketplace by storm with a powerful blend of premium automobiles at prices that everyone could afford.

Over 80 years later, Mr. Toyoda's penchant for finding new and potent ways of doing business that also adhere to a strict "buyer first" code lives on in the brand's current operations. Whether we are talking about the growing bond between the Toyota Research Institute (TRI) and the world of robotics and artificial intelligence (A.I.) or the role of hybrid vehicles like the Prius in a more eco-friendly future, you can always count on Toyota to go above and beyond as it continues to set an example for the rest of the industry.

Lineup of some cars models for sale here at Bill Dube Toyota